My name is Yolanda Santiago Venegas.  I was informally educated on the U.S.-Mexico Tijuana border and formally educated at the University of California San Diego, Marshall College (BA 1992), University of California, Berkeley (Ph.D 2004), University of San Francisco (MFA 2012) and San Francisco State University (MA English Composition 2013).  I am passionate about writing and teaching writing, reading, and critical thinking.  I’ve started this blog to share my experiences and teaching materials with other educators equally committed to education as a practice of freedom and transformation.

In helping me think through what it is that we do in the writing class and my development as a composition teacher, I am indebted to Professors Tara Lockhart, Mark Roberge, Kory Lawson Ching and Maricel Santos, Faculty in the MA Composition and MA TESOL programs at SFSU.  My foundation—the place where I read, write, and teach from—is Ethnic Studies and for that I am indebted to Professors Norma Alarcón, José David Saldívar, Patricia Pen Hilden, and Genaro Padilla.

Here is my  Curriculum Vitae and here is a link to my creative nonfiction writing


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