My name is Yolanda Santiago Venegas.  I was informally educated on the U.S.-Mexico Tijuana border and formally educated at the University of California San Diego, Lumumba-Zapata College (BA 1992), University of California, Berkeley (Ph.D 2004), University of San Francisco (MFA 2012) and San Francisco State University (MA English Composition 2013).  I am passionate about writing and teaching writing, reading, and critical thinking.  I’ve started this blog to share my experiences and teaching materials with other educators equally committed to education as a practice of freedom and transformation.

In helping me think through what it is that we do in the writing class and my development as a composition teacher, I am indebted to Professors Tara Lockhart, Mark Roberge, Kory Lawson Ching and Maricel Santos, Faculty in the MA Composition and MA TESOL programs at SFSU.  My foundation—the place where I read, write, and teach from—is Ethnic Studies and for that I am indebted to Professors Norma Alarcón, José David Saldívar, Patricia Pen Hilden, and Genaro Padilla.

Here is is a link to my creative nonfiction writing


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