Equity-Based Teaching Practices: El Que, Porque, y Como

In 2017-2018 I developed a series of Faculty Development Workshop on Culturally Responsive Teaching.  On this page I will include the powerpoint presentation for these workshops and some of the literature we use in faculty development towards equity-based teaching practices.

  1. Malcolm-Piqueux and Bensimon “Design Principles Equity and Excellence at Hispanic Serving Institutions” HSI” in this policy brief we are introduced to the work of the USC Center for Urban Education principles of equity by design
  2. Maria Bensimon “The Equity Scorecard_Theory ofChange” an introduction to the Center for Urban Education’s model for institutional change and our role as educational practitioners within that
  3. Maria Bensimon “The Understimated Significance of the Practioner Knowledge in the Scholarship on Student Success”  In this piece Bensimon calls on practitioners to turn the lens on themselves and examine their own “funds of Knowledge” or sense-making processes
  4. Geneva Gay Preparing for Culturally Responsive Teaching” introduces teachers to culturally responsive pedagogy
  5. In “White Professors at HSI: Radical Revolutionaries of Complicit Colonists” Greene and Oesterreich challenge us to think critically about what it means to teach in a Hispanic Serving Institution