Student Advocacy

On this page are examples of projects I have worked on or am working on to increase diversity in higher education with an emphasis on first-generation students from immigrant families and work to support undocumented college students.

1. Redefining America-Writing 2

Redefining America: Undocumented Students in Higher Education is a course I designed to be taught in a University of California First-Year Writing Program.  This specific course was for Writing 2 at the University of California, Santa Cruz yet it can be easily adapted to other writing courses as part of a first-year composition introduction to academic writing curriculum.

2. Community-Based Project Proposal

The second item on this page  is a project proposal for Dreamer’s English that I wrote in collaboration with Ruth Crossman (MA TESOL Grad.) in Professor Maricel Santos’ English 832: Immigrant Literacies and Community-Based Projects course.  The proposal is aimed at funding agencies.  While we did not write the proposal to submit it to any agencies, it was an interesting exercise to think about the work we were doing from this vantage point.

3. Dreamer’s English Scholarship Workshop

Below are materials for Dreamer’s English,  a writing course designed as a scholarship writing workshop for undocumented students at SFSU.  I co-taught it with Nancy Jodaitis, Student Affairs Officer and Scholarship Specialist at SFSU.  The collaboration between SFSU MA English Composition and Student Affairs in this course provides a concrete example of how we can bridge institutional gaps to increase the retention and academic success of our undocumented student populations.

Fall 2011: Syllabus / ESSAY1 / ESSAY2 / ESSAY3

4. Educators for Fair Consideration Conference

January 2012 E4FC Paying for College Workshop Handout for Teachers

January 2013 Paying for College Prezi Presentation and Handout for Educators

January 2014

5. Diversity Conference Santa Clara University


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