Teacher Resources

General Advice:

10 Best Practices for a Higher Ed Job Search

Curriculum Vitae:

This is a great resource from the Chronicle of Higher Education  if you are revising your curriculum vitae

This piece, also from the Chronicle, is about the community college  curriculum vitae

And here is an article by Dr.  Christopher Lee on The Purpose and Language of Resumes in Higher Ed Jobs

Writing that Cover Letter:

Here is some advice from Higher Ed Jobs on the Do’s and Don’ts of writing a spectacular  cover letter 

Here is a list of tips I picked up from Professor Goen-Salter’s workshops in our MA Composition Program at SFSU Tips for writing a cover letter

The Job Interview:

Rob Jenkins “How to Stand Out in Your Interview”

Now that you have a job offer:

The Conference on College Composition and Communication has a useful Statement of Professional Guidance

Here are three sources to give you an idea of salaries.  If you are applying at a public university, salary data is public, you just have to do some research to find it.

Here is a database of Employee Pay for the UC system

University of California Employee Pay Database

Here is some data on Community Colleges compiled by the CPFA Forum


Below are more general sources on median salaries

Higher Ed 2013-14 Faculty Salary Survey Report in four-year college and universities 

Faculty Median Salaries by Discipline and Rank

AAUP Faculty Salary Data

The sources above are from HigherEdJobs, a link to that site and  more on salaries here

Useful Websites:

Academic 360 is a mega collection of internet resources for the academic job hunter


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